What is your cancellation policy?

Lessons must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance. A make-up time will be arranged. Lessons not canceled in time will not be made up. Missed lessons are not credited.

What is your policy for make-up lessons?

All missed lessons, assuming canceled 24 hours prior to lesson time, are made up. None are outright canceled. Dr. Howard and the student will arrange a separate time and day for the lesson to be made up. If the student does not attend the make-up lesson, the lesson is forfeited. 

Must the student have an acoustic piano to take lessons?

No. An electronic keyboard is sufficient. I do advise that if you haven't purchased one yet, that you get one with weighted keys and a pedal to simulate the touch and pedal feature of an acoustic piano. While ideal, acoustic pianos are not necessary.

What ages/levels does Dr. Howard teach?

Ages: 4 and up. 

Levels: beginner to advanced.

How long are lessons?

Lessons are generally a half hour for children and teens and an hour for adults. Level can also determine lesson duration, as more advanced students, despite age, prefer a longer lesson. 45-minute lessons are also an option.

When is payment for tuition due?

Tuition for the entire month for every enrolled student is due by the end of the first week of every month, regardless of expected absences. Students who have not paid by the end of the first week incur a $15 late fee. This secures each student's spot in the schedule. If the given month has 5 of the day on which lessons are scheduled, then payment for 5 lessons is due.


What forms of payment does FEPS accept?

  • Cash
  • PayPal
  • All Major Credit Cards (handled through PayPal's website)
  • Check
  • Venmo

How do I schedule a lesson?

Contact Dr. Howard via phone, email, or the contact page, and he will reach out to arrange lessons on a day and time that work best for you.

What happens if I need to change my lesson time and/or day?

Dr. Howard will do his best to get another time/day that works for you. As this may depend on the flexibility of other students, desired times on other days are not guaranteed. 

How often does FEPS hold recitals for its students?

Recitals are given twice per year: one during the fall and one during the spring. There are also other, periodic performance opportunities.

Does Dr. Howard have students participate in the Certificate of Merit program?

Yes, as long as it is something the student and parent wish to do. I do not require that every student enroll in it, since each student's musical goals are different.

How much notice is needed to terminate lessons altogether?

At least 2 weeks' notice is required if the student plans to terminate lessons altogether. This gives Dr. Howard the time to arrange to fill the spot with any student on the waiting list or any prospective student.